Why Online Presence is a necessity for all businesses .....during / after COVID-19, !! ?

Why Online Presence is a necessity  for all businesses .....during / after COVID-19, !! ?
A few days before lock-down in Uganda (around end of March 2020), a number of clients postponed
payments for the services we had rendered to them.
Well, this was not good news to many of us given the fact that i had already planned to use some money to buy 
a few things for our families as we were preparing for the Holy Month of Ramadan (fasting).
I had also planned to run Online Ads campaigns for our website/mobile app development 
The future of some SMEs is uncertain due to COVID-19 pandemic.
Many people have lost jobs during this period ,..It`s a reality and we have to face it.
My mood was down for a number of days after the lock-down directive by the President.
"Never let a crisis go to waste". Its an opportunity to finish my long term 
personal projects i had put on hold, Why not?
For the past five years, my colleagues and I have developed Apps & it requires good speed internet 
for Content creation, Online Developer Courses / research for the various brands.
In developing countries like Uganda, internet access prices are still high, but hey,.... this may be the only way to go for a productive lock-down.
 7 “Friendly”  Insights during / after COVID-19 pandemic:
    1. First stay alive as an individual and think how you are going to do things differently after COVID-19.
    2. Digitization: Companies should learn how to take advantages of the digital world.
         -Give confidence to potential clients.
         -Support many youths that may come up with innovations that will solve some of the current challenges.
         -Grants or Loans from Policy makers, friends or family members is a necessity to sustain these great innovations/systems
    3. Please contact your Clients or employees and talk about their contract.
        - Don`t go quiet and then tell them that "Didn't you hear about COVID-19".
        - Use Social Media and Website to tell your customers that you are still available so that they don`t forget about you.
    4. Restructure your services.
       -How do you position your self in the hands of potential customers?
       -What is the operation cost of the Company / SMEs? 
       -You need to go back in to the internal products/services and see which product/service gives you the best profit.
    5. Business re-modelling: You need to know who can help you move that extra mile and have websites/ systems
     that handle Product/ Service Quality, create interaction with Customers, etc.
       -The same approach that you used to have back then should change so as you remain relevant when all this ends.
    6. The new normal means that the Company / SMEs need to have mental preparation to survive.
      -If you have low budget , you need to find cheaper ways to get to your customers i.e 
       (The deliver of service will have to be different i.e live online concerts, TV programs NBS SNL and NTV Dance party)
    7. The new normal requires that you adapt and remain relevant in a particular sector.
      -Online Presence enables you deliver the service or product from the comfort of your home.
      -There are payments platforms available already and it is a matter of sharing the password for them to access it.
      -E-commerce is already changing since many traders have realized that you can simply use Zoom or any other video conferencing app via internet and do business meetings
      -During this lock-down , it`s a chance to think about the wrong things that may have been happening in your business.
      -Sometimes it is hard to notice the wrong things when you are always up and down chasing Orders, clients and employees meetings, etc.
  If you have an idea and you want us to create a website, mobile app, Social Media Marketing or Custom Web application,..I want to help any way I can.
    By Badru Ssenoga, [ Software developer, iTechGen Media],
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