4EVERSPARKLE Customer & Agent Apps

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With 4everSparkle, a registered customer may view and hire nearby service providers in categories such as Dry cleaning, Laundry, Salon and Spa, Fumigation and Car Wash.

-Customer may discover Agents by categories.
-Find Near by agent by location
-Book agent
-View detailed profile of agents
-Perform live chat with agents
-View & submit review ratings
-Add favorite agent for future Services.



YEAR            REGION               DELIVERABLES

2019              Uganda          UX/UI design / Android app / Admin Panel Web development  


Customer App Screenshots 

- List of Nearby Agents / Service Providers with their ratings.



-  View the nearby Agents / Service Provider location on the map live.



Agent App Screenshots

-  Agents / Service Providers may view the nearby customers 


- Agent may accept request made by the nearby customer.


- The Agent/ Service Provider may view contact details and location of the nearby customer



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